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Life Assurance & Mortgage Protection

Different types of Life Assurance
allow you to choose the product type
most appropriate for your situation

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Due to regulations from the Financial Regulator, we must ask that you complete a FACT FIND document. Please print this document, fill in the details, and FREEPOST it to us.

NO COMMISSION REBATES can be made unless a complete signed copy has been received. We have tried to keep this as non-intrusive as possible.

Level Term Assurance

This is the most straightforward type of Life Assurance. Exact monthly payments are calculated at the start of the policy, for the amount of life cover (sum assured) required for the length of the term, for example 25 years. The lump sum is paid out if death occurs before the end of the policy. This policy will not have any value after the end of the term therefore it is relatively inexpensive method of providing for the amount of cover.

Mortgage Protection

Similar to Level Term Assurance, with Mortgage Protection, you pay a fixed premium however, rather than the amount of life cover remaining constant, it gradually reduces over the life of the policy in line with the estimated amount of your mortgage remaining. In common with Term Assurance pay out arises if death occurs before the end of the policy. As the amount of benefit reduces over the life of the policy the cost will be lower that straight Term Assurance. This makes Mortgage protection policies an ideal low cost method for protecting a mortgage against death.

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